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Thank you for visiting “The Ordinary Hippie”! My name is Ashley and I am a proudly bilingual Ohio native where I live with my amazing husband and our cat. After several years of experimenting with blogging, I found my voice and a way to articulate the topics that I am most passionate about. I began blogging as a way to talk about important issues that I carried in my heart, but didn’t know where I could talk about them in a more impactful way. I didn’t just want to talk about important topics, such as social justice, feminism, and chronic illness, but I wanted to inspire conversation, conversion, and thoughtful experiences.

When I am not blogging, I work full time with immigrants and refugees, travel as much as I can (when COVID isn’t running rampant), and love to thrift and hunt for secondhand treasures.

The Ordinary Hippie strives to educate, create community, and to inspire life-cultivating dialogue that changes lives.

Within The Ordinary Hippie community you will find three main tenets:


Topics include hiking, general nature themes, sustainability, gardening, foraging

Social Justice

Topics include feminism, racism, ethical living, poverty, culture, and any event that seeks to devalue or erase the narrative of humanity.


Topics include small business shout outs, chronic illness, family life, travel, and any topics that don’t “fit” in one of the above categories.

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I will only ever talk about items that I genuinely love and stand behind. I will always disclose any sponsored posts, whether I have been gifted an item or if I have been paid to write a post. Sponsored or non-sponsored, my views and opinions are always my own. I may also include affiliate links on my site. This doesn’t affect you in any way, it just means that if you buy something after learning about it from me, I earn a small commission from your purchase.

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