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The Story Behind The Ordinary Hippie

My name is Ashley and I am the owner and creator of The Ordinary Hippie Blog and Community. I have been blogging on and off for several years, motivated by a desire to have a platform to talk about topics and important issues that are a big part of my life.

It’s a very personal thing for me . . .I’ve been blogging on and off for years and my desire to start a blog was motivated by the fact that I have these different topics and issues that are very important to me, and for a long time I didn’t have anyone in my personal life to share what I was passionate about. So I created a platform and hope to build a community together.

Influenced by my deep Catholic Faith, interracial marriage (and family), and having had the privilege to be exposed to many cultures, countries, and narratives I am most passionate about driving the dialogue behind living ethically, feminism, and defending the inherent human dignity of all people.

My desire, and ultimate goal, has always been to generate authentic conversations about the environment, social justice, and day-to-day life – conversations that educate, challenge us, and that are rooted in respect; all working to bring us together in a world that continuously threatens to divide.

Ashley – Creator & Owner “The Ordinary Hippie”

Even if it’s only 20 people who become invested and engaged and enjoy the content and are interested in the community – that’s a HUGE deal. Being an ordinary hippie is about living an authentic, imperfect, beautiful life of being the best humans possible.

So come and sit awhile, find what resonates with you, share your ideas, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to be imperfect. Come for the vibes and stay for the journey.

Ethical Living – Rooted in the Earth – Feminism

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