Hey! I’m Ashley, creator and owner of The Ordinary Hippie. I started blogging as a way to be able to share topics that I was passionate about – but that I didn’t have a community to share them with. Now, thanks to all of you, I have found that community – and it continues to grow.

If you are new, The Ordinary Hippie is about being authentically imperfect, working to be the best human you possibly can. While the range of topics can vary, we always come back to our roots of Supporting Women, Supporting Small Businesses, and Supporting the Earth through Sustainability.

Come and visit, introduce yourself, share your thoughts. And when finished, share with a friend. All our welcome at The Ordinary Hippie!

Getting started can be the hardest part. . .

Women Supporting Women

Hyping each other up, respecting our individual journeys, and collectively supporting one another. Visit to read posts about lactation, motherhood, women’s health, human rights, and personal narratives.

Living Sustainably

Being a better human doesn’t mean we are perfect all the time, but that we do the best with the resources we have. Sustainability is all about finding balance, supporting our Earth, and planty things.

Supporting Small Business

Small businesses are at our roots and they are what keep our world alive. From unique finds to intimately connecting with the people behind the items you consume, small businesses make our days filled with a little more joy.

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