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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I am not affiliated with Pastures & Pines in any way. I purchased these items myself and my opinions and review are my own.

I have often heard the saying “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism,” and it is something that I think about frequently. If true, it puts a dark cloud over any purchase that we make, and it quite disheartening. But, even if we have not solidified the answer of how to make the most perfect ethical purchase, we can make conscious choices that bring us a little closer to a genuine definition of ethical consumption.

One way that I like to work towards this is to support small businesses. My purpose in supporting small businesses is threefold:

  1. Small businesses are more likely to have ethically sourced/ produced items (though it is still always good to do your research.)
  2. With small businesses there is transparency behind who is doing the work. Often you are interacting directly with the founder, artisan, farmer, etc. and you get to build a personal relationship – it’s a fun celebration of humanity!
  3. Small businesses often have unique items, or better quality items, than what you would find in mass produced commercial businesses.

Although I am not always able to purchase from small businesses as often as I would like (budget, privilege, and need can impact all of our purchases), I try, from time to time, to discover new small businesses and find a way to support them.

Introducing Pastures & Pine

Tik Tok and Instagram are great places to discover new small businesses. And, now, more than ever, we have access to support businesses and individuals across the United States and even throughout the Globe!

I love artisan hand poured soaps, so when I came across an Instagram post promoting Pastures & Pine’s homemade soap, I knew that I had to check them out further.

Based in Montana, Ashleigh runs a small dairy farm with Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and also produces beautiful, sustainable, and natural bath products such as soap, solid lotion bars, and whipped body butters.

An excerpt from her website really sums up the wholesomeness and passion of their farm and business:

What began as an interest in learning the old ways of self sufficiency grew into a passion for making things bloom and grow- for colorful chicken eggs and the happy, free ranging chickens who lay them- for beautiful and friendly dairy goats, and the symbiotic relationship between animal and farmer.

What Did I Try?

Pastures & Pine Brown Square Box

First, I want to applaud the packaging of Pastures & Pine. All of my items came carefully nestled in the cardboard box pictured above. There was no extra space, just enough to fit everything. Each item was packaged in either a recyclable brown paper bag or reusable tin/cloth bag. I appreciated the minimalism for the sustainability that it ensured, yet it was still an exciting unboxing experience!

Whipped Bee Butter: Scent Hippie Stank ($8 for 2 oz)

The first item that I selected was one of their whipped body butters made with beeswax. I chose this scent based on name alone, “Hippie Stank,” and it does not disappoint. A hippie perfect mix of lavender and patchouli; lavender is the dominant scent and is one of my favorite blends. Because of the beeswax, the butter is a little more oily when applied. I prefer to use this at night before bed, so that it can soak into my skin while I sleep

I took this photo right after receiving my package, and temperatures in my hometown have been in the 80s. Once in the house and given a chance to settle, the body butter hardened into a soft semi solid balm. If you travel, just be mindful of heat when bringing this item along.

On the Fly Bee Butter Solid Lotion Bar ($6)

I have been wanting to try a solid lotion bar for awhile now, and this was the perfect excuse. Solid lotion bars are like a bar of soap, but when you rub it ono your body your natural body heat gently melts it so it can be spread and massaged into the skin.

Pastures & Pine offers this as either a first time purchase in a tin, or as a refill. It applies very well and has a soft scent, with the main ingredient being beeswax. The scent of pure beeswax takes a little time to adjust to, but that is more of a personal preference. I am very happy with this item and it is great for travel or to keep in your purse since you don’t have to worry about a liquid.

Jar of Hearts Goat Milk Soap ($8)

As I mentioned previously, I love hand poured artisan soap, so I had to be sure to grab one up. Unfortunately, several scents were out of stock, but I am anxiously awaiting them to come back so I can try out some more scents.

This adorable jar of hearts feels like it is their signature soap, it has a clean scent and just smells creaming and nourishing, before you even use it. As expected, it is super creamy and produces a great lather. This would work perfect as a hand soap or in the shower as well.

Be sure to Support Pastures & Pine!

I am absolutely delighted with all of my products. From packaging, to price, to product quality, to the overall mission of their farm and business, I feel good supporting their work and feel better about the products that I am using on my skin.

They also included a sample of their sweet grass bar soap, which is light and fresh. I look forward to trying this scent out as well.

Be sure to check them out and give them a follow! I have included their links below, and be sure to share if you try anything!

Pastures & Pine Website



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