July Small Business Shout-Out

Disclaimer: Any items purchased were purchased on my own, and all shout-outs are because I love hyping up small businesses who are doing amazing things. If I ever feature affiliate or sponsored posts, I will disclose that information at the beginning. Opinions and reviews are always honest and my own, regardless of whether I made a purchase or an item was gifted.

If you are new to The Ordinary Hippie Community, you will quickly learn that I am a big advocate of small businesses. Just visit some of my earlier posts to learn about some of my favorite finds from small businesses such as Unik Dazzels and Julia’s Crochet Crafts.

Although I previously highlighted individual small businesses, my purchasing habits and discoveries of new small businesses are sporadic, so I decided it would be more fun, and efficient, to dedicate one post each month highlighting my finds and recommendations of small businesses to support from the past month. This is also an on-going opportunity to engage in conversation about the ethical and sustainable reasons to support small businesses while maintaining a balance that avoids overconsumption and other unsustainable practices that do not fit within our life journeys.

Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

What Small Businesses Did I Support This Past Month?

Variegate Design

Variegate Design is a plant-themed, woman-owned, small business located in Cleveland, Ohio. Lindsey Krivenki, aka “Boss,” created this community and freelance business after a 15 year career with American Greetings. From her website,

Always looking to expand my business, My borderline obsessive love of plants inspired the creation of The Radical Plant Mom, an Instagram platform where I share my plants, plant events, and planty designs. I live in Gordon Square with my husband and two crazy kids, where you’ll probably find me either working in my garden or drinking a porch beer.

I first discovered Variegate Design at a local Plant Pop Up Shop in my community, and then our paths soon crossed again as they were one of the sponsors/vendors of our local Plant Bingo Event. While I really enjoy all of her creations, my purchases so far have been stickers and earrings, which is the best way for me to enjoy her art without accumulating larger physical items that I, unfortunately, do not have space for. I do plan to buy some of her tanks/crop tops in the near future, such as her brand new release.

Lindsey has unique, inclusive, and high quality products with the perfect amount of sass in them. She is very talented in what she does, and has a commitment to her local community, which makes me like her even more. You don’t have to live in Cleveland to buy her products though, just check out her website for all the details!

Goode Karma Co.

The Goode Karma Co. is a small business specializing in small batch, handmade jewelry, primarily earrings. Earrings are my accessory of choice, and I am always looking for unique earrings, ideally ones that are handmade, sourced locally or from small businesses, or unique vintage/secondhand pieces. I was talking with my mom recently, and I cannot remember the last time that I bought a pair of earrings from a chain store, like Target, etc. I find that my purchase has more value for myself when it is not something produced on a wider scale, and I really enjoy that there is a story or a person I can talk about whenever someone compliments my earrings or asks about them.

Charlotte uses polymer clay, which is one of my favorite mediums for earrings, because they are very durable, but very lightweight. From my first purchase I picked up a pair of her signature Mirabel earrings (Note: all dangle earrings have the option to come in clip-ons, just let her know), that she offers in a variety of colors, as well as a cute pair of Pumpkin Spice Latte studs that, while I will happily wear year-round, I couldn’t resist how cute they would look with a cozy sweater this fall. She is also very active on social media. Although she primarily showcases her work, which is great so you don’t miss out on limited drops, she is also vocal about her studies, being autistic, and critical social issues.

Soak & Unwind

Soak & Unwind is an Arizona based small business that I discovered via Instagram. Allison creates vegan and cruelty free bath and body products. After admiring them from afar for awhile, I purchased two of their whipped soaps, which I was most curious about – and quickly made a follow-up purchase for a Mother’s Day Gift.

This business creates small batches of product and, while it can be frustrating waiting for restock days (FYI, the next restock is July 9th), I appreciate knowing that every item I purchase is freshly made and has a high level of quality control. The whipped soaps are similar to the consistency of body butters, but are very creamy, with scents that create a pleasurable bathing experience, without being overwhelming. I purchased three scents and I wish that you could smell them, they are so amazing! They have very gentle exfoliating beads in them, which I like because my skin benefits from some exfoliation, but my skin in way too sensitive for most exfoliating products.

Besides great products, Allison, the owner of Soak & Unwind, has some incredible life missions and passions. If you visit her website, you will see that some purchases help to support specific causes she cares about, and her focus on creating vegan and cruelty-free products stems from her love of animals – seeing her incorporate social action with her business plan makes me even happier to support.

All three businesses featured this month use their platforms to be vocal about issues that are not only important to them, but important for society. It is powerful and inspiring to see individuals take opportunities for advocacy.

What Next?

Visit this month’s amazing small businesses and show some love. You can: 1) make a purchase, 2) follow and like their socials, 3) share and tag them

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