The Ordinary Hippie Highlight Reel – June

I am making the written version of The Ordinary Hippie highlight reel.

Do you remember OG blogs? When blogging first started to take off and blogs tended to be open journals of the writer’s life. I always imagine the SIMS or female protagonist movies where blogging or writing was THE CAREER to end all careers. (If only it was that easy). Blogs have expanded a lot since then, in a lot of really cool ways.

I was recently inspired to do something similar, and share some more of my day-to-day life with all of you. With my own spin of course.

This is a Highlight Reel of the life of the Ordinary Hippie. I hope you enjoy!

Today I was a Dumbass

Today I was a dumbass while breastfeeding.

Now, I have been breastfeeding my daughter for almost a year. I am nowhere near an expert but I have a pretty good sense about what I am doing. But, today I tried to do too much at once. We have been slowly introducing solids to my daughter and today she was going crazy for strawberries. She was kind of demanding strawberries and boob at the same time so there was some back at forth. At one point, she still had some strawberry in her mouth, so I encouraged her to finish chewing that up first, before I let her have more. But then, she asked for boob and I let her latch on just to have her instantly bite me with her two tiny bottom teeth because the little dinosaur was still chewing the strawberries!

This one was completely on me. But, if you are breastfeeding or planning on breastfeeding, maybe keep this story in the back of your head for when you start solids so that you can avoid a big cut on your boob. At least it wasn’t the nipple.

Getting Back to the Blogging Life

I have been on a long hiatus from working on The Ordinary Hippie. I state “authenticity” as a key part of this community. But it can be challenging to be fully authentic, on any platform, including life. I want to make sure I am always being authentic. Figuring out how to balance a child with all the other commitment of life is not a new world experience, but it is a new experience for me, and unfortunately hobbies have been getting the short end of the stick.

I also struggle with perfectionism at times. I often freeze up on writing blog posts because I worry that the post is not going to be “good enough.” I have never received feedback that suggests otherwise. But I worry about putting out content that you won’t find worthwhile.

I am trying to push through that. Also, I genuinely welcome your voice and feedback to help guide future content.

If you haven’t noticed, I re-branded a little, helping to shape the community and content to better fit the mission of The Ordinary Hippie

In the coming weeks I hope to share my cloth diapering experience while traveling, some new series on small businesses, spooky season purchases, and more!

New Things That Bring Me Joy

The Milk Minute Podcast

If you aren’t listening to The Milk Minute Podcast, you really should go listen – even if you don’t have kids. Why? It’s because Maureen and Heather are entertaining as heck, completely authentic, and the human body, when it comes to lacation, is fucking amazing. So cool, I can’t gush enough.

Besides the entertainment factor, The Milk Minute is actually accomplishing crucially important work. In the United States, pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation care and resources are concernedly lacking. There are a lot of negative experiences and situations that can be avoided just by education and support. The Milk Minute is helping to fill that gap, and that is one of the reasons I actually became a Patreon supporter of theirs recently.

To add to the coolness factor, they are producing a second podcast called Beyond the Boob, that chronicles, in real time, Heather’s pregnancy. Although I am not currently pregnant, listening to Heather affirms so much from my first pregnancy, and is also teaching me so much for the next time.

Lil Helper Diapers

Lil Helpers is the cloth diaper brand that I exclusively use for my daughter. They also ahve the best reusable menstrual pads I have ever found. Owner, Mohammed has always listened to his customers about what is important, and the past few weeks have been no exception. He is in the process of developing new products to meet needs that many may not even consider, but that are a reality for many: Stoma pads, Incontinence pads for men, and waterproof pillow cases for those who struggle with excessive drool.

Thrifted Finds

Every Sunday, my husband and I have the tradition of going to Goodwill. I grew up with a love for thrifting; my grandma always called it a “treasure hunt” as we explored thrift stores, garage sales, and consignment shops.

Some days there is nothing worth purchasing. Other days, it feels like we hit the jackpot. Every trip, we go for the experience.

Today, I think I found my best find yet – a gorgeous silk Diane Von Furstenburg Wrap Dress – her signature piece.

Excuse the low quality photo. I am in a Goodwill dressing room and I initially took this photo just to show a friend. I also have no idea how to take photogenic, full body selfies.

Some Posts to Check Out

New posts will drop every Sunday. So while you are waiting for the upcoming new releases, here are some previous posts you should check out or re-read if you have been here awhile:

Pride Month is More Than It Seems In honor of Pride Month, here is my post from last year, talking about the origins of Pride and why it is such a big deal.

Silence Does Not Mean it Doesn’t Exist I will be honest and say that this is not one of my best written posts, but I still stand behind the message. Violence and racism against Asian groups continues to be a prevalent issue, but still, we barely hear anyone talking about it.

Am I The Only One Who Had A Miscarriage? This was one of my hardest posts to write, but I will continue to talk about it, even though I have mostly moved on, because pregnancy loss deserves more support and more candid conversation.

I am excited to be back and generating regular content. I look forward to watching our community grow and hope that I can inspire you all to be Ordinary Hippies in your everyday life.

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