Welcome to The Ordinary Hippie

Welcome to The Ordinary Hippie! A Lifestyle Blog rooted in Social Activism: Daily living while sparking life cultivating conversations.

Some of you may know me from my earlier blogs, Come and Sit With Me and The Ordinary Bohemian. The Ordinary Hippie is an improved and matured version of those first blogs.

So what can you expect from The Ordinary Hippie?

Summed up, this community is about nature, social activism, and lifestyle:

Nature: I love hiking (although I am a baby hiker) and find a lot of importance in the concept of “grounding.” You will also find overall nature appreciation posts, but also important discussion of topics such as sustainability, simple living, environmental justice, and more.

Social Activisim: There really isn’t any topic that is off limits in this category. I am committed to fight against injustices in our world, committed to the dignity of all humans, and committed to continual education.

Our systems of injustice run deep through the veins of our earth and our history.

Lifestyle: While I may “brand” myself as a hippie (at heart and in my spiritual ideology), I have always been an eclectic person and I enjoy different aspects of my life. So the Lifestyle section may include product reviews, health, family & married life, and any other topics that don’t quite fall into another category.

Let’s Talk About Community

Community is important – together we are “uniting the world, one conversation at a time.” The Ordinary Hippie is:

  • A Safe Place: You may not agree with every perspective that I give, or you may find contested thoughts in the comment threads. We will challenge each other to think deeply and grow in our lives. But, we do so respectfully, remembering that behind each comment is a beautiful person who bleeds the same as us. I will remove or block any hate or harassment. That is not what we are striving for.
  • Diverse: Making connections across the world, with people of different backgrounds, is the coolest part of humanity. As we meet one another we will grow friendships, learn new traditions, and the world will feel a little bit smaller and a lot more like one family.
  • Contributive: I welcome collaborations of all kinds. If you have an idea, want to work together, think that something needs to be tweaked, etc. Let me know! Visit my Connect page to learn more.

What Next?

Curious about who I am? Visit my About page to learn more.

Explore the content of The Ordinary Hippie and interact. Like your favorite posts so I can learn what you want to see more of, leave a comment and start a new conversation, share what moves you with others.

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  1. Oh, my, we need this! All my best wishes in your explorations and discoveries!

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