Spooky Season Small Business Haul

Disclaimer: All items shared I purchased on my own; they are not gifted or sponsored in any way. I love hyping up small businesses that are doing amazing things. Affiliate links or sponsored posts will always be disclosed. My guarantee is that I will never promote a product that I don’t fully believe in and my opinion will always be honest and authentic.

Every day is spooky season. And when small businesses started to drop their Halloween and Fall items, I may have gone a little overboard.

The trifecta of postpartum anxiety, a love for Halloween and Fall, and a lacking spooky earring collection was my downfall. I may not have done the best job at being financially sustainable, but I definitely backed up my support of small businesses!

Instead of stressing over whether these were the best decisions for my sustainability journey, let’s jump into my 2022 Spooky Season Small Business Haul. You won’t be disappointed!

My Spooky Small Business Haul

The Bath Products

Soak & Unwind

Soak & Unwind Whipped Soap Fall Scents Collection

This is not the first time that I am featuring Soak & Unwind on the blog. They are a repeat favorite small business, and I continue to be addicted to their Whipped Soaps. I have not tried any other products from their site, simply because I know that I personally won’t get enough use out of them.

But, this Fall, Allison (the owner of Soak & Unwind) had THREE Fall-themed releases. I purchased items from the first two drops, but I could not justify the third drop. The final fall scents that were released looked amazing, but I currently own 11 whipped soaps from her, and I need to start using them up (it will take awhile before I need more).

Allison still has some spooky season scents available, so now is the perfect time if you have been waiting to try out her products. You can visit her website here.

How the Whipped Soaps Look (Already heavily used)

The Art

Artist Lisa Tan

I don’t purchase artwork very often because I run into the issue of not having space to display the work. But, when I came across Lisa Tan’s Cat Skellies painting, I instantly made an exception.

Lisa is a very sweet, Cleveland-based artist. You can purchase her prints on her website as well as view her portfolio and learn more about her art journey.

The Amazing Cat Skellies Print

The Earrings

If you have made it this far, it is well worth it. For a long time lover of Halloween and Fall, my earring collection was surprisingly lacking. After seeing the amazing and unique pieces from several small businesses, I was determined to change that.

Coffee & Clay

Coffee & Clay makes some of the highest quality, and most detailed polymer clay earrings that I have come across. She is infamous for her strawberry candy earrings. And in the spirit of Fall, she recreated the pumpkin creme candies that we love.

I went back and forth on getting these for a few days, but ultimately decided to make the purchase. I was amazed that they had not sold out yet. And I don’t regret my decision for a moment. They are unique and so well made.

She just had a recent drop, so you can go pick out your new favorites on her Etsy page.

Coffee & Clay Mellowcreme Pumpkin Earrings

For the Love of Foliage

For the Love of Foliage is a new favorite. I first met Emily, a few months ago, at Plant Bingo here in Cleveland. I instantly fell in love with her hyper realistic plant earrings. She truly makes a product that I have never seen before.

For the Love of Foliage Yellow Maple Leaf Earrings

I initially picked up her yellow maple leaves, to add to my Fall themed collection. But then she created the ultimate Spooky Season Drop, with 3 limited edition earrings. I snagged two of them, with one of them being the extra elite Corpse Flower Earrings.

For the Love of Foliage Colocasia Black Magic Earrings

If you aren’t familiar with the niche Corpse Flower, it went viral this year for blooming at the Cleveland Zoo. The Corpse Flower only blooms once every 7-10 years and it is so named because it smells like rotting flesh when it blooms.

It is a bizarre plant, but how could the Ordinary Hippie not have it as part of her collection? You can view all of Emily’s earrings, as well as her glassware and clothing, on her website.

For the Love of Foliage Corpse Flower Earrings *Limited Edition*

Goode Karma Co.

The Goode Karma Co. is another favorite, with this being the third time that I have purchased from Charlotte.

I picked up two more pairs of her signature Mirabels in colors Candy Corn and Pumpkin Raisin Bread. I also purchased her Cassandra Pumpkin Queen Design, for the perfect witchy vibe.

Be sure to follow her Instagram account. You will get sneak peeks of new drops and be able to help decide on new designs. She also does occasional story sales with one of a kind items you won’t find on her website.

The Goode Karma Co. Cassandra in Pumpkin Queen Earrings
The Goode Karma Co. Mirabels

Peripheral US

Peripheral US was an earring artist that I had been eyeing for awhile, waiting for the perfect item to purchase. The winner were these beautifully playful pastel gothic moth earrings.

Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Aimee creates gorgeous earrings with common themes of moths, moons, and plants. Peripheral US is also a proud bi-racial and AAPI owned business!

As with most small businesses, one thing that I love about Peripheral US is that she creates her products in small batches. This definitely adds to the appeal of her items, knowing that they are limited and will sell out quickly. It also means that there are far fewer people in the world with the same items, so there is a sense of individuality and uniqueness that cannot be replicated with large brands.

Visit her website to find your favorites.

Peripheral US Pastel Gothic Moth Earrings

Honey Hearted

Honey Hearted was a recently new find. Being a big Tim Burton fan, I had to add these mismatched Scary Duck and Evil Teddy earrings, from the Nightmare Before Christmas, to my Spooky Season collection.

The detail on them is amazing. I will advise that these are significantly larger than most of the earrings I have featured, and they do have some weight to them. They don’t hurt my ears, but I probably wouldn’t be able to wear them all day long. This isn’t a huge issue for me, since they would be a bit overboard for work anyways. I have no issue keeping them for special occasions.

Honey Hearted Evil Teddy & Scary Duck NBC Earrings

Honey Hearted is created and managed by the lovely Nia, who strives to create an inclusive and kind community. You can check out her fabulously quirky pieces on her website.

Ollie’s Cottage

While these earrings are not technically Spooky Season themed, I could not wait to share them.

Ollie’s Cottage Beaded Lizard Earrings

Olive created these amazing, mini version of the beaded lizard keychain we all made as kids. These were purchased purely for the nostalgia. But the quality is more than I expected. Olive uses metal wire, so they have structure to them and a little weight. They are not heavy, but you know that they are durable.

You can purchase your own pair on her Etsy Shop.

Until Next Time

I have had to promise myself no more earrings until 2023, so the next haul should be significantly lighter. But, as you start adventuring on your holiday shopping this year (or any time that you need a gift) consider checking out these, and other small businesses FIRST.

You can guarantee a unique gift, high quality, and well worth your money. As a bonus, you can easily know exactly who and what you are supporting with your purchase. Removing ethical red flags is always a plus.

Be sure to sign up for The Ordinary Hippie e-newsletter ASAP if you haven’t already. On October 31st I will be launching my first DIGITAL SMALL BUSINESS GIFT DIRECTORY! And it will only be available to those who are subscribed to the newsletter. You don’t want to miss out!

*As always, do you know a small business that I should check out? Drop their name and I may feature them in an upcoming post.

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  1. Who doesn’t love spooky season goodies?! These are all so cute!

  2. This is great! It’s so important to support small businesses.

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