3 Podcasts That Changed My Life

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I was late to the podcast game. Growing up, and even through college, I viewed “talk radio” as a dull form of entertainment. At the time I was too young to find value in current events or political discussions. And I still had memories of jarring early morning talk radio on the way to high school. All I wanted was to disassociate a few more minutes with music on the radio.

Post college and later into adulthood, I still was not jumping on the podcast train. It took me a surprisingly long time to find ones in my niche of interests. But everyone around me seemed to talk about them.

I generally try to live my life not conforming to what everyone else around me is doing. But I found myself feeling slightly left out. Would listening to podcasts unveil some life secret to being a better adult that I was somehow missing?

Although I won’t be listening to true crime any time soon, and NPR still evades me, over the past couple of years, I have discovered three standout podcasts that have genuinely changed my life. 

How Can A Podcast Change Your Life?

The 3 podcasts that changed my life are notable for being female led. Each podcast practices authenticity, empowerment, and have directly impacted my personal growth.

These podcasts are more than just entertainment. They generate intentional and impactful information, causing you to look inwardly and find something greater than yourself. They generate community, critical thinking, and a call to action.

The 3 podcasts that I am going to share possess these elements. They provide a deeper value to my life that daily transforms me into a better, more capable, more intentional version of myself. 

The 3 Podcasts That Changed My Life

Green Dreamer

Botanical colonialism and biocultural histories. Sacred plant medicines and healing psychedelics. “Deconstructing saviorism from heropreneurship and voluntourism. This is a small sampling of episodes you can find.

Green Dreamer is a “community-supported, in(ter)dependent podcast exploring our paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalization, and true abundance and wellness “for all.”‘

Green Dreamer is hosted by creator Kamea Chanye. The podcast works to discuss the intersection between environmentalism and humanity; a topic frequently omitted from traditional media.

Each episode features a guest who shares their expert, lived experience. After sharing a bit about themselves, Kamea leads her guest in intentional conversation. Through challenging questions, she exposes listeners to a new worldview. Further encouraging introspective reflection, and challenging us to apply this new perspective in how we move forward.

Going Beyond The Podcast

Green Dreamer Podcast is an obvious “yes” for the Ordinary Hippie Community. The content is, representative of the quality and value that I strive for on this blog, . It was this podcast that inspired my earlier post We’re Saving the World Wrong; discussing how environmental justice needs to focus more on the injustices and oppression of those who grow and prepare our food.

So how did this podcast “change my life”? Green Dreamer challenges me to lead a more environmentally sustainable life. I am more aware of the need to make informed and inclusive decisions. Are all voices included in the conversation?

And I am inflamed more than ever to advocate for human rights.

Visit the Green Dreamer website here to listen to episodes and learn more.

Milk Minute

The Milk Minute Podcast graced my Tik Tok feed during my pregnancy – and I haven’t looked back since. Before I was even pregnant, I had made the decision to breastfeed my child. Although at the time I knew very little about what that commitment would actually be like. Spoiler: breastfeeding is very hard. In the United States, there is a huge lack of resources and support for women navigating this journey. It is common for women to give up on breastfeeding very quickly because of inadequate support and lack of educational resources.

There are many valid reasons for choosing not to breastfeed, but a lack of access to education should not be one of them.

I started listening to The Milk Minute Podcast during pregnancy, but I have found it more helpful in postpartum as I navigate my breastfeeding journey. I find the information more applicable when I can apply it in real time.

The Milk Minute Podcast is hosted by Heather O’Neal (APRN, CNM, IBCLC) and Maureen Farrell (DEM, CLC), midwives and certified lactation consultants who bring compassion, diverse inclusivity, and authenticity (with plenty of sass) to the conversation. Their mission is to make lactation education accessible to all.

My honest review? They are the only lactation consultants that I currently trust.

Going Beyond the Podcast

Heather and Maureen also run and moderate a Facebook group, Breastfeeding for Busy Moms. This is a safe space for moms to ask questions and support one another through breastfeeding struggles as well as breastfeeding wins. And, if you are wondering, yes, all forms of feeding your child are supported.

The Milk Minute community is the epitome of Women Supporting Women.

Through our work in our communities in West Virginia, (where the breastfeeding rate is well below the national average) we have seen a real need for easy-access lactation support. Its our goal to make lactation information accessible and easy to listen to. We firmly believe that breastfeeding is a human right, and that everyone who chooses to lactate should get the help they need. We know that its hard for some folks to find lactation professionals in their community, and that some people simply don’t have the means to access those resources. So here we are, just two boobs who love to talk about human milk, asking for your support so that more people can breastfeed successfully

I have only been breastfeeding for a little over two months. While I have already learned a lot, there is still so much that I don’t know. Of what I have learned, 98% is because of the Milk Minute Podcast and community (the other 2% I figured out on my own). In my first two months of breastfeeding I was constantly worried. Did I have enough milk? I ended up in the ER and then had to have gallbladder surgery. How would I feed my daughter? What was cluster feeding? Those are just the stand out moments.

Because of the Milk Minute Community I found advice, reassurance, and support amidst the tears and fears.

Visit their website to learn more, see where you can listen to their most recent episode, and join the Facebook Group. Regardless of your breastfeeding journey, they are the support you need.

Money Love

It is no surprise that I discovered Paige Pritchard from Tik Tok. Paige is the creator behind the Money Love Podcast and is a certified life and financial coach. Paige having such a large impact in my life, was surprising. I tend to have mixed feelings about life coaches. Over the course of a month and half, I binged every episode.

It is challenging to present financial guidance that is applicable to ALL financial situations. But Paige does a good job of reaching a majority of situations. Even if all of her advice is not practical to your specific life experience, you can easily modify her exercises and pick out the pieces that are helpful. This is what I did.

Until very recently, my finances were a mess; I am still in the final steps of my financial goals. One of the biggest challenges that I face is impulsive spending and saving money. From listening to the Podcast, I finally have the tools to work on addressing those challenges and making better choices. And remarkably, doing the internal work on my financial life has also helped me improve in my overall life.

What I love about Paige, and what kept me coming back, is that she is very honest about her own experience. She shares authentic and transparent content and she is non-judgmental, her goal being to build women up.

You can visit Paige’s website here to learn more about her coaching and to listen to the podcast.


Paige Pritchard

Going Beyond the Podcast

Paige also led me to You Need a Budget (YNAB), the first digital budgeting system that my neurodivergent mind responds well to. This application, together with Paige’s lessons, has helped me to be accountable for my finances for the first time. YNAB creates a digital version of the “envelope system” that we all grew up with and combines it with a flexible way to move funds around, recognizing that life does not always help us to stay on our planned budget.

If you want to try out YNAB, sign up using my link here. You will get a 34 day free trial, so you can get a feel for how it works and the potential for your own finances. If you sign up after the free trial, both you and I will get a free month!

Using YNAB does have a learning curve, but their website has easy to follow tutorials and explanations for every question.

Podcasts were created to entertain, but they are so much more than that. They can teach, provide community, and be life-changing! How has your favorite podcast transformed you?

12 thoughts on “3 Podcasts That Changed My Life

  1. I’m willing to give these a try. I’m totally into the Tim Ferris PodcastS…do you think I will like these given that fact?

    1. I’m not familiar with those podcasts. Can you tell me more about them?

      1. Like lessons for life. He is the author of the Four Hour Work Week.

      2. The four hour work week rings a bell. I’ll have to check out his podcast. If you give a listen to any one of the ones I mentioned, let me know what you think.

  2. I love podcasts, listen to them all day while working. Of course, I tend to listen to a lot of mindless ones, these three seem educational and interesting, might need to give one of them a try

    1. Mindless ones are good to have in the mix too. I love listening to the Trader Joe’s podcast when I need something not so heavy and a nice little pick me up.

  3. I’m going to have to try Money Love!

  4. The Milk Minute sounds like a podcast right up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Always looking for a new podcast. Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. akansharajput124 October 15, 2022 — 9:40 am

    Added to my list. I’ve been trying to get into podcasts for some time and these seem like great recommendations. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Was looking for some new Podcast suggestions, will def check out The Green Dreamer!

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